About CCVI

About CCVI

Textiles and fashion are synonymous with Florence.

From the creation of the Weavers’ Guild in the 14th century to the runway shows held at the famous Sala Bianca at the Pitti Palace in the 1950s, for centuries this Tuscan city has been the epicenter of “moda” and internationally recognized for its artisanal creativity. Florence and the neighboring textile production town of Prato, home of the Museo del Tessuto, will be the ideal settings in which curators, designers, conservators, archivists, and academics from every continent will unite for four days.

The Colloquium will feature not only academic papers presented by world-renowned scholars in the fields of textile and fashion but also on-site explorations of current creations by artisans, craftspeople and designers who continue to practice, elaborate on, and rejuvenate textile techniques passed down from generation to generation. Alongside this will be tours of museum collections and archives that continue to inspire designers, scholars and lovers of textiles and fashion alike.

In this sixth edition, in addition to our studies will be conversations and activities uniting experts, delegates and attendees in the common language of admiration and understanding of textiles and fashion. To this end, Costume Colloquium includes many opportunities for all participants to engage in the exchange of information and ideas during informal and exclusive excursions in and around Florence. Our day trip to Prato will include a visit to the textiles museum, a textile/fashion archive as well as a reception hosted in the factory of a textile firm. Our last day will take us into the Tuscan countryside to the town of Stia, home of the famed Casentino wool first produced there in 1848 used to make the internationally celebrated Casentino overcoats worn by such fashion icons as Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” as well as coats and cloaks donned by dandies and fashionistas today.

So, join us for Costume Colloquium 2018 which promises to be a 360° fully immersive multicultural experience into the world of fashion and textiles. What better occasion to learn innovative information from the specialists, discover new materials and techniques, savor Tuscan culinary delights, shop, sightsee and share the fun with friends and colleagues from around the world?

We look forward to seeing you at Costume Colloquium in November 2018 in Florence!

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