Testimonials and Comments

Testimonials and Comments

Testimonials and Comments on Costume Colloquium IV: Colors in Fashion

from presenters and participants


“Congratulations on a FABULOUS CCIV! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a fun and enlightening event. See you in 2016!”  Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell

“I just wanted to say what a fantastic experience it was to come and participate in Costume Colloquium: Colors in Fashion and congratulations on making it such a 360 degree, interactive and all immersive experience for all of us, just WOW!” Alex Murray-Leslie

“Thank you, thank you for an amazing week. The conference was splendid. I think the sessions came together so well, and there was such a clutch of very worthy papers. Congratulations – you have every right to feel very, very proud”. Joanna Marschner

“It has been a great experience for me attending Costume Colloquium IV because I met very special people, who encouraged me to continue my path in the fashion field. I was very interested in every single speech and I’m sure that I will use all the notes I’ve taken during those days even for my future articles concerning contemporary fashion, runways and so on. Thank you so much for your kindness”. Alessandro Masetti

It was a fantastic event! Thank you so much for your care and attention in organising such a fantastic colloquium“. Paola Di Trocchio

Thanks for the hard work you all put into making CCIV the huge success it was. Thanks for having us and the warmth you shared“. Gbemi & Debo Areo

Thank you very much for an inspiring conference. I enjoyed it immensely“. Trine Brun Petersen

…the committee did a dynamite job, leaving us all to go home very happy. Fortunately for us all, November ’16 isn’t really that far away. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’ve been raving (but you already knew that) to all and sundry about the amazingly high caliber of presentations and about how brilliantly they worked with one another. You and your team have outdone yourself – again!!! Thanks for everything“. John Birkett

Thank you for the wonderful experience that was Costume Colloquium IV. Many of us have marvelled at how well the programme was put together. It was interesting to see so many synergies between the papers, which does not necessarily always happen. I was also very appreciative of the time built in to speak to the other participants. And of course the behind-the-scenes access was marvellous. I would particularly like to thank the two young women who helped with the organisation during the days. They were very helpful when a bottle of red wine broke in my bag and ruined the print-out of my talk just an hour before I had to speak! Thank you for allowing me to take part. I very much hope I can do so again”. Beatrice Behlen

“And thank you to all the organizers’ for their hard work in arranging such an inspiring meeting! It was certainly the most professionally organized that I have ever attended”. Sarah Fee

Yes to Firenze; Yes to a wonderful conference; Yes to 2016!!” Tina Bates

Thank you for everything. It was a wonderful experience!” Joy Bivins

“Thanks for good job!” Shu-Hwa Li

 “It was a great event and I hope to attend the 2016 colloquium”Kathleen Curtis Wilson

“Thank you for a stimulating and most enjoyable conference”. Mary Dusenbury

“Many thanks :-)” Silke Otta Geppert

“Thank you for such an amazing conference and experience.  I felt so fortunate to be a part of this dynamic group.  I look forward to hopefully seeing you again in 2 years”. Maurita Mondanaro

“Thanks for another wonderful Costume Colloquium!” Charlotte Nicklas

“Grazie di tutto” Piyanan Petcharaburanin

“Thank you for the opportunity that the Colloquium Fashion gave me to show my work and get to know the research of other participants. I congratulate all those involved in the Costume Colloquium IV, that make  each day of the event  a special and pleasant time, combing knowledge, leisure and exchange of experience. I take this opportunity to suggest to you for the next Colloquium, to mention in the programming in which language the lecture will be presented. I missed questions about my work, maybe because that was read in Italian, and the majority of participants did not use the translator simultaneously. Thank you, again, for your attention, professionalism and cordiality. I hope to meet you again in 2016”. Caterina Argolo

“Enormous congratulations to you both for all the organization of this event. I enjoyed it very much and will send over some images when I have downloaded them”. Susan Kay-Williams

“Great job!  I am truly glad I was able to participate”. Dennita Sewell

“Grazie mille per tutto! Il convegno era stupendo. E il viaggio della domenica da ricordare. Cordiali saluti e complimenti per il vostro lavoro”. Olga Vassilieva-Codognet

“Thank you once more!” Michaela Mayer-Michnay

“It was such a pleasure to participate in the Colloquium and travel through the Colors in Fashion! Thank you for all the effort you’ve put to those wonderful days. I look forward to hearing from you and the next Costume Colloquium V. “Excess and Restraint” is such a daring and challenging theme that I cannot wait to know more about it”. Xénia Flores Ribeiro

“Thank you for a great experience!” Anne Bissonnette

“And thank you all for such a wonderful, rich and well organised conference”. Shelly Tobin

“Thank you again for such a wonderful conference. It was an amazing few days”. Kate Stradin

“Thank you so much for another fantastic symposium!” Holly Poe Durbin

The conference was very interesting and it was a pleasure to participate. Thank you again for your careful organization of the conference itself and the attendant site visits”. Mary M. Dusenbury

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