Costume Colloquium II: Dress for Dance

Costume Colloquium II: Dress for Dance

November 4-7, 2010



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Following the great success of the first Costume Colloquium: A tribute to Janet Arnold, November 2008, with the participation of specialists and researchers from 26 countries,  the a second edition dedicated the subject of Dress for Dance took place in November of 2010. This international symposium explored the interdisciplinary aspects of dance dress and costume, this multi-cultural mode of human expression, from a variety of practical, historical and creative perspectives.

A wide of variety of papers and presentations provided participants with in depth knowledge and new information about unpublished research, new creations and/or practical experiments related to the international, interdisciplinary and inter-cultural themes associated with dress for dance.

Parallel to the academic sessions, several special events and venues gave participants an opportunity not only to visit never before seen treasures, but also to network and socialize with each other.

This unique symposium was attended by not only to costume and dance historians, costume designers, costume makes, museum curators, archivists, textile and costume conservators, dancers and dance re-enactors, etc., but also by students and members of the public with a desire to learn about dress for dance from the experts in the fields examined.

The topics covered included the use of historic dress for re-enactment dances, and the interpretation of dance dress in documents and visual images, the creation of costumes employing traditional and contemporary materials and techniques and their conservation and museum display, and they incorporate both theoretical and practical perspectives on these subjects.

As was the case for Costume Colloquium I: A tribute to Janet Arnold, the second edition benefited from the collaboration of a number of prestigious national and international institutions who supported this highly successful initiative.

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