About us

About us

Welcome to www.costume-textiles.com, a site constructed encourage international, interdisciplinary and inter-cultural exchanges of information and ideas on topics dedicated to the discussion of fashion, fabric, styles, techniques, conservation and the many issues associated with dress history and contemporary costume creation, use and design.

This site was initially set up to promote Costume Colloquium, the first edition which was a tribute to Janet Arnold and took place in Florence in 2008. The second edition was dedicated to the theme Dress for Dance and was held in 2010. The third conference, Past Dress – Future Fashion, took place in November of 2012. Costume Colloquium IV (November 20-23, 2014) focused on the kaleidoscopic themes of Colors in Fashion. The successful outcome of these biennial symposiums has reinforced the importance and necessity of non-competitive networking and information exchange.  Therefore the continuation and amplification of this web site has been possible.

The Costume Colloquium events have been successful thanks to the support of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation®.  Founded in 1998, the Foundation is a non-profit Florentine institution promoting initiatives which encourages international integration without competition within a framework of respect for individual identity. This is obtained through the mutual exchange of knowledge among students and professionals from different countries and cultures with an extensive network of universities, libraries, museums, embassies, consulates, as well as public and private cultural institutions and organizations worldwide. The Foundation endorses an array of cultural events which augment the distribution of research information among participants in any specific field of study.

In 2008 the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation® founded the Life Beyond Tourism® Heritage Community Portal to which the www.costume-textiles.com network has subscribed. By registering to Costume Colloquium you will automatically become a subscriber to the Life Beyond Tourism® Portal.

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